10 More Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles

A couple of days ago we published a list of 10 Christmas scavenger hunt riddles. We weren’t sure if that would be enough though, especially if your kids (or adults!) are smart and would work out the answers quickly.

We’ve therefore produced another 10 free rhyming riddles for you to use for a Christmas scavenger hunt. (Edit: we’ve now published another 10 Christmas riddles)

10 Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles

1. Snow Globe

It isn’t made of milk, but it’s something you will shake
It’s a tiny little scene featuring a winter landscape

2. Advent Calendar

Open this everyday for something that can’t be beat
For behind each of the doors you’ll find a chocolate treat

3. Christmas Tree

Garland, lights and ornaments can all be seen
Hanging on this evergreen

4. Stocking

What will it be stuffed with? Nobody knows
But it looks like something you’d slide over your toes

5. Christmas Wrapping Paper

Tear this off so that it doesn’t hide
Your gifts that are contained inside

6. Candy Cane

With red and white stripes, it’s something you will lick
Despite it looking like a hockey stick

7. Holly

Prick yourself at Christmas and this leaf might be to blame
It is also the same as a girl’s first name

8. Snowflake

No matter how far you travel or hike
You’ll never find two that look alike

9. Wreath

Look around the neighborhood and you’re sure to find more
Of the same thing we have hanging on our front door

10. Gingerbread Man

You’re almost at the end, you’ve been thinking on your feet
The last thing to find is a guy that you might eat

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