10 Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Clues

If you’re wanting to plan a fun activity for 14 February, here are 10 Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt clues for you to use.

This is great for using with your kids as an indoor scavenger hunt, but could just as easily be used with a youth group or even adults.


Make sure you have each of the Valentine’s Day themed items listed below that are answers to the clues. Hide these around the house or wherever you’ll be playing this.

Don’t hide them in places that are too obscure, but try to blend them in with other items so that they don’t find them immediately, otherwise the scavenger hunt will be over very quickly!

Valentines Day


If you’re organizing this for more than one player, why not make it a race. Give them each clue at the same time and the first one to answer it earns a point.

Then, send them all off to look for the item, with the first person to find it earning a bonus point. The winner will therefore be the person with the highest points total by the end of the game.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Clues

Valentines Day

1. Heart

It’s not in your tummy, but somewhere above
It’s often thought of as a symbol of love

2. Rose

A vase is what this usually adorns
Be careful as it might have thorns

3. Cupid

This next clue looks just like an angelic baby
Will he shoot you with a bow and arrow? Maybe!

4. Red Lipstick

For women, this is a mouth painting tool
It’s the color you shouldn’t show to a bull

5. Diamond

It isn’t a heart, a club or a spade
But what’s added to a ring when it’s made

6. Vase

This is a glass item that a woman fills with water
And adds the flowers the man has just bought her

7. Stuffed Animal

This is something you might cuddle at night
It’s nice and soft and you hold it tight

8. Perfume

This item can be expensive, so a lot you will pay
Women use it to smell nice and it’s a spray

9. Chocolate

White, milk and dark are three types that you might eat
As a type of candy, this food can’t be beat

10. Balloon

Blow this up big but don’t let it pop
Fill it with helium and it’ll float to the top

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