10 Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Riddles

It’s almost February 14th, so here are 10 Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt riddles to use with your partner.

All of these riddles provide clues to items that you can use for a fun, exciting and romantic evening together on Valentine’s Day.

We’ve provided links to some of the items, as they might not be as easy to find as some of the more common items like chocolate and champagne.

10 Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Riddles

1. Champagne

Open this bottle and you’ll hear a loud pop
It’ll fill your glass with bubbles right to the top

2. Rose Petals

These are part of a flower but they are not the stem
Scattered all over the room, I’m sure you’ll love them

3. Chocolate

White, milk and dark, you can choose from all three
You can eat from a plate or if you’d prefer – from on me

4. Furry Handcuffs

When you use these you’ll be under arrest
They’re furry too in case you hadn’t guessed

5. Strawberries

You’re doing well so far, you’ve got plenty of loot
The next item to guess is a tasty red fruit

6. Bath Salts

Add these to a bath and I think you will find
They’re nice and relaxing for body and mind

7. Valentine’s Day DVD

This romantic film, I think you will say
Is the perfect thing to watch on this exact day

8. Love Dice

Roll these two things and your dreams may come true
Whatever they say will be what I will do

9. Candles

Lighting these up will help you relax
Just be careful of the hot melted wax

10. Massage Oil

If your back is feeling tense, then let me use this
A few minutes of rubbing will help you feel bliss