21st Birthday Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

If you’re planning a party for someone turning 21 (or are planning your own 21st party!), why not use these 21st birthday scavenger hunt list ideas.


This scavenger hunt idea is simple but has a twist. Like normal, teams have to collect all of the items on the list. The twist is that they have to collect 21 of each item.

This makes it harder than a regular hunt as not only do they have to find 21 of the same items, they also have to keep track of them and transport all the items back to the final meeting place, wherever that may be.

In theory, this could be organized as a photo scavenger hunt, but that would take a lot of the fun out of this particular idea – it’s much better to make players find all the items on the checklist!


If you wanted, you could create your own list of items for players to collect. To save you time and hassle though, we’ve created our own list that you can find below. In keeping with the theme, there are 21 ideas.

We’ve also given an example tiebreaker that they should be working on throughout the scavenger hunt – this should be used in case you have more than one player / team who manages to collect all of the items on their list.

Beneath the items and tiebreaker, there’s a link to download a copy of the list. This is free and can be printed as many times as you need.

21st Birthday Scavenger Hunt List

  1. Tooth picks
  2. DVD cases
  3. Christmas ornaments
  4. Stuffed animals
  5. Different types of wrapping paper
  6. Pairs of socks
  7. Pieces of candy
  8. Non-fiction books
  9. Matchsticks
  10. Coasters
  11. Bottles
  12. Sticks of unbroken and uncooked spaghetti
  13. Rolls of toilet paper
  14. Forks
  15. Plastic bags
  16. Monopoly hotels
  17. Uncrushed Rice Krispies
  18. Hats
  19. Light bulbs
  20. Leaves
  21. Photos with nobody in the picture


Take photos of 21 different members of the public pulling funny faces.

Printable 21st Birthday Scavenger Hunt List


It’s worth implementing a rule that teams can’t have more than 21 of an item when they return – that they have to have the exact amount already counted out. This will stop them from doing something like bringing along a box of Rice Krispies and then counting out 21 of them. This makes the activity harder as it means that they have to ensure that they don’t get crushed during the transportation.

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