Bachelorette Photo Scavenger Hunt

If you or one of your friends are getting married, use this bachelorette photo scavenger hunt idea to send them off in style!

This idea is easy to plan, loads of fun and will create lasting memories for all your girlfriends.

Here’s how to organize it:



Give every person at the bachelorette party each of the resources listed above. If they’re going to be in teams (see below), you’ll only need to give one set of items per team.


Either in teams or as individuals, they have to try and complete all 15 tasks on the list during the night out.

The winner is the person (or team) who scores the most points out of 69 by the end of the night.

Teams Or Individuals?

You have a couple of options for how to plan this:

  1. Teams – Split the group up into teams (or pairs). Although you’ll be spending the night together as one big group, each team will be trying to complete as many of the tasks as they can.
  2. Individuals – Again, you’ll be spending the night together as a group, but it’s every woman for herself. The only challenge with this version is having someone taking a photo of you for each task, as all the other players will be busy trying to complete the bachelorette scavenger hunt tasks themselves!

Bachelorette Photo Scavenger Hunt List

So, what tasks should you include on the list? It’s up to you how clean or risqué you want to make it, although take into account the other women who are part of the bachelorette party. If they’re straight-laced, they won’t want to take part in a risqué version. If they’re more outgoing though, they may find a clean version too boring.

To make things a little easier for you, we’ve produced a list of 15 funny tasks below. These have all been allocated points that will be earned for completing each task. They total 69, which is obviously entirely coincidental. They’re a good mix of challenges that hopefully every person will be happy to take part in.

That’s not all though – beneath the list is a link to download a free copy of the list. You can save it to your computer for future use, or just print off however many copies you need right now.


  1. Sitting with a cop on the trunk of his car: 4 points
  2. Get a stranger to give you a piggyback ride: 3 points
  3. Do a cartwheel on the sidewalk: 2 points
  4. Write your number on the wall of a bar’s restroom: 5 points
  5. Get a bartender to give you a free drink and have him hold a sign confirming this (a cup of water doesn’t count!): 6 points
  6. Get a guy to let you put lipstick on his lips: 5 points
  7. Wear your bra over your shirt: 2 points
  8. Standing with 3 firemen next to their truck: 4 points
  9. Go into a men’s restroom: 5 points
  10. Wear a tuxedo: 5 points
  11. Everyone in your group dancing in the street: 3 points
  12. Get down on one knee and propose to a stranger: 3 points
  13. Use a permanent marker to write your name on a guy’s chest: 6 points
  14. Dance on a table: 3 points
  15. Make out with an actor on a movie poster. 5 bonus points if you get strangers staring at you in the photo: 8 points (plus the additional 5 bonus points)

Total = 69 points

Printable Bachelorette Photo Scavenger Hunt List


Once the night’s over, that doesn’t have to be the end. Make the most of the fact that you did a photo scavenger hunt for the bachelorette party and create photo albums with all the pictures.

This will give the bride even longer lasting memories of her last night of being single.

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