Bible Scavenger Hunt For Kids

This Bible scavenger hunt for kids is a great way to get young people looking through scripture. It helps them learn more about some of the stories while simultaneously having fun.

Here’s how to plan this idea:

Pick A Theme

First off, you need choose the theme of your scavenger hunt. There are many different ways you can approach this:

  • Single story – Creation, the birth of Jesus, David and Goliath, etc
  • Book of the Bible – This will provide a wider variety of questions you can ask, particularly using books like Genesis, Exodus, one of the Gospels, etc
  • Life of a character – You could ask questions based on the experiences of someone like David, Jesus, Paul, Peter, etc
  • The entire Bible – To have an even wider variety of questions, you can use stories from throughout scripture


Next, you need to create questions based on the theme that you’ve picked. The difficulty of the questions will depend on the age of the kids in the youth group you’re working with.

For example, let’s say you’ve chosen to do a Bible scavenger hunt based on David and Goliath. With younger kids, questions could include:

  • What did Goliath wear on his head? (Bronze helmet)
  • What did David use to kill Goliath? (Sling and a stone)
  • How many stones did he start with? (Five)
  • Where did he get the stones from? (Stream)
  • Where did the stone hit Goliath? (Forehead)

Older kids and youth will probably know this story a little better. Therefore, try to create questions that are harder so that they will have to read through the story more carefully to find the answers. For example:

  • How tall was Goliath? (Six cubits and a span)
  • Who walked ahead of Goliath? (His shield bearer)
  • How many days had he challenged the Israelites? (Forty)
  • How many brothers did David have? (Seven)
  • What did David look after in Bethlehem? (Sheep)

Once you’ve come up with enough questions, print them out on a sheet of paper to hand out.


When doing this activity, split the young people into teams. If you only have a small youth group / Sunday School group, you could have them complete the scavenger hunt individually.


To add a competitive element to this scavenger hunt, make it a race between players / teams to see who can find all the correct answers first.

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