Christmas Scavenger Hunt List

December is a great time to plan fun activities, so here’s a Christmas scavenger hunt list idea to help you plan one.

Due to how easy it is to find Christmas items at this time of year, we’d recommend making this an item scavenger hunt, where players have to collect all the items.

An alternative would be to plan it as a photo scavenger hunt – this is where players take photos of all the items instead of physically collecting them, but this version might be too easy.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt List

To save you time, we’ve produced a list that contains 22 Christmas-themed items for players to find – you can find this below.

Beneath that list, there’s a link to download a PDF version of it – this is completely free and can be printed as many times as you like.


  1. Snowman
  2. Jesus in a manger
  3. Santa Claus
  4. Reindeer wrapping paper
  5. Star
  6. The Grinch
  7. Bells
  8. Elf
  9. Advent calendar
  10. Sled
  11. Holly
  12. Candy cane
  13. Miniature Christmas tree
  14. Snowflake
  15. Santa hat
  16. Wreath
  17. Angel
  18. 5 gold rings
  19. Stocking
  20. Tinsel
  21. Snow globe
  22. Gingerbread man

Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt List

Bonus Tasks

If you’d like to add an extra element to your Christmas scavenger hunt, you could also choose to include some additional tasks for players to complete that they can earn bonus points for.

For ideas on the types of Christmas-themed tasks you could include, check out our Christmas photo scavenger hunt.

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