Computer Scavenger Hunt For Kids

This computer scavenger hunt for kids works best as a photo scavenger hunt and is guaranteed to result in a lot of fun.

It’s a perfect activity for kids and teenagers although to be honest, adults could have just as much fun with this as well!

How To Plan

Give each player / team a list of items that are commonly associated with computers. They then have to go around and find each of the items on the list, taking photos of them.

Explain that the photos don’t have to be too literal. For example, if your list includes “RAM”, they don’t have to take apart a computer to take a picture of this component – they could take a photo of a male sheep!

The good thing about this computer scavenger hunt for kids is that it can be done anywhere. A good option would be to do it at a shopping mall as it’ll make it easier to find all the different items, but it could also be done in the home, at school or simply by letting players go wherever they need in order to take the photos.

Set a time limit that all the players have to be completed by and a place to meet, then send them off.

Computer Scavenger Hunt List

As mentioned above, players should be given a list of computer-themed items to find and take photos of. We’ve provided a list of 20 items below for players to find that includes programs, software, brands, hardware, etc.

Beneath the list, there’s a link to a free downloadable PDF with this same list. That way, you can simply print the list off now, or save it down for future use.

  1. Battery
  2. RAM
  3. Mouse
  4. Chrome
  5. Worm
  6. Backup
  7. Safari
  8. Folder
  9. Camera
  10. Explorer
  11. Keys
  12. Windows
  13. Calculator
  14. Paint
  15. Silverlight
  16. Desktop
  17. Apple
  18. Flash
  19. Keyboard
  20. Caps

Printable Computer Scavenger Hunt List


The winning player / team will be the one that takes photos of the most items in the allotted time. If you want to add an extra element to the activity, you could award bonus points based upon their creativity. For example:

  • Apple – Someone takes a bite out of an apple to recreate the Apple logo
  • Mouse – Someone takes a photo of a mouse in a pet store
  • Safari – Someone takes a photo of various stuffed animals like giraffes, elephants and tigers placed next to each other


If you’re doing this computer scavenger hunt for kids and they’re young enough, they may enjoy a collection of the safari stuffed animals, like this giraffe, elephant and/or tiger. Alternatively, they could win extra time to play on the computer if you’re only planning this activity for your own children.

For older children or teens, you could offer a GameStop gift certificate as a prize.

If you liked this idea, you can find a computer scavenger hunt and dozens of other great ideas in our book – 52 Scavenger Hunt Ideas.