Homophone Scavenger Hunt List

Here's a fun homophone scavenger hunt that's great for kids or anyone else who's learning English. It's therefore perfect for English teachers, parents who homeschool their kids or ESL teachers to use, although can be just as fun when played in other environments like a youth group. About … [Read more...]

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas – Sweet Treats

Darth Vader Trick Or Treat Bucket

Halloween is coming up, so we'll be publishing a number of different Halloween scavenger hunt ideas over the coming weeks. Some will be for kids, some for youth groups, some for adults and some will be perfect for people of any age. Today's idea is one for your kids when they go trick or … [Read more...]

10 Food Scavenger Hunt Riddles

10 Food Scavenger Hunt Riddles

If you want a fun scavenger hunt for kids that can be played indoors at home or when you're out shopping at a grocery store, we have just the thing. Here are 10 food riddles you can use as well as how to make it a scavenger hunt. Resources Riddles (see below) Pens Each of the 10 … [Read more...]

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt Ideas – Budget It

Grocery store scavenger hunt

Here's a great grocery store scavenger hunt idea that can also be used to help teach players how to stick to a food budget. It's therefore an ideal activity to use with kids or youth, but could also be used to teach this important life skill to adults or as a team building exercise. If you … [Read more...]

4th Of July Scavenger Hunt Ideas – Find And Feed

4th of July

If you want to plan a fun activity for Independence Day, here's a great 4th of July scavenger hunt idea involving food. It's perfect for using with your kids when going to the grocery store, or even with adults as a 4th of July party game. Here's how to play it: Resources $10-$20 for … [Read more...]