10 Food Scavenger Hunt Riddles

If you want a fun scavenger hunt for kids that can be played indoors at home or when you’re out shopping at a grocery store, we have just the thing.

Here are 10 food riddles you can use as well as how to make it a scavenger hunt.


  • Riddles (see below)
  • Pens
  • Each of the 10 food items (if playing this at home)


If you’re going to be playing this at Walmart or another grocery store, there’s no preparation needed.

For playing this at home, the only preparation will be ensuring you have all the food items in the house.


Give the players a list of the riddles – we’ve produced a free printable copy below to make it easier for you to organize.

Explain that their task is to answer all the riddles and then find each of the food items, either around the house or in the grocery store – wherever you end up playing this.

Food Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Here are the 10 riddles about different food items as well as their answers.

Beneath this list is a link to a free printable scavenger hunt worksheet containing the same riddles – please feel free to print as many copies as you need.

1. Orange

This is a fruit that
You might be fed
You just need to mix
Yellow and red

2. Rice

Sometimes at weddings
This food is thrown
A paddy field
Is where it’s grown

3. Onion

This root vegetable
Might be red, white or green
It can make you cry
Even though it’s not mean

4. Carrot

Buying this vegetable
Doesn’t cost much money
It seems to be the favorite food
Of Bugs Bunny

5. Potato

This is grown underground
But has skin and eyes
It can be eaten mashed
Roasted or as fries

6. Corn Flakes

The first word grows in a field
That looks like gold
The second word is how snow falls
When it is cold

7. Eggs

When incubated
You might get a chick inside
Otherwise they’re eaten
Scrambled, boiled or fried

8. Tortilla

Ground beef, sour cream, guacamole
Rice, pinto beans and cheese
To finish making a burrito
They’re wrapped in one of these

9. Tuna

Open up the can
And it’ll smell fishy
One brand that sells this
Is Chicken Of The Sea

10. Popcorn

If you go see a movie
You have to get some of this
And then add butter or salt
For a taste that’s simply bliss

Printable Food Scavenger Hunt Riddles


If playing this with two or more players / teams competing against each other, the winners will be the ones who solve all the riddles and find all the items first.


As a prize for the winner, let them choose what to have or where to go for dinner.

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt Ideas – Alphabet Alliteration

If you want to plan a game that’s suitable for people of any age, here’s a fun grocery store scavenger hunt idea you could use.

It’s simple to organize and you don’t even have to visit a grocery store if you don’t want to!

Here’s how to plan it:


  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Cameras (optional)


None, unless you want to write down every letter of the alphabet on each sheet of paper in advance.


This can be played individually, in pairs or in small teams, depending on how many people you’re organizing this scavenger hunt for.


Give each of the players / teams a sheet of paper and a pen. If you haven’t pre-prepared the sheets, have them write down each letter of the alphabet on the sheet in a list going down the page.

Explain that their task is to go around a grocery store and find products that begin with every letter of the alphabet. When they find one, they should write it down on the paper until all 26 letters have a product next to them.


If you want to make the scavenger hunt more difficult, set a rule that the products have to either be brand names or product types, but not both.

For example, brand names would be things like H for Heinz and K for Kelloggs, while product types would be K for ketchup and C for cereal.


You can also make this a photo scavenger hunt by having players take photos of each of the food items as proof that they exist!


If visiting a grocery store for this scavenger hunt isn’t feasible, an alternative would be to search food items in the kitchen to try to find 26 different products.


Award one point for each letter that players find a product for, so there are 26 base points available.

Players can also earn bonus points by finding products that include alliteration of the letters at the beginning of the product names.

For example, ‘cream cheese’ would earn two bonus points, while ‘Bush’s baked beans’ would earn three bonus points.


If you want to offer a (joke) prize, award a can of alphabet soup to the team that scores the most points.