Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt Clues

If you want to plan a fun activity for your Dad (or your partner on behalf of your kids), here are some Fathers Day scavenger hunt clues you can use.

1. Where

For the first part of this idea, decide where you want to hide your Fathers Day gift – in the garage, under the bed, in the shed, under the sofa, etc.

2. List

Next, make a list of items that begin with each of the letters in the clue, making sure they’re all items you have available to you.

For example, if the clue is going to be “under the sofa”, the list of items could be:

  • Umbrella
  • Nail
  • Dice
  • Egg
  • Rope
  • Toothbrush
  • Hat
  • Earrings
  • Shorts
  • Onion
  • Flag
  • Apron

3. Show Your Love

Get some post-it notes and write down several things you love about your Dad – one note for each of the items – and stick them on each of the items.

4. Hide

Once you’ve written all the notes, hide all the items in plain sight. Don’t make it too hard to find them in case he finds his gift in the process!

5. Hunt

You’re now ready to send your Dad off on his special Fathers Day scavenger hunt. Let him know how many items he’s looking for and that they all have a post-it note on them.

6. Clues

Once he’s found everything, explain that these items are his clues. Give him a piece of paper and a pen and tell him to write down the first letter of each item.

7. Anagram

Once he has all the letters, let him know that he has to rearrange them to find the hiding place. If it takes him a while, give him a hint by letting him know how many different words there are.

You may also need to let him know if he comes up with the wrong word for any of the items. For example, he might note down ‘cap’ instead of ‘hat’, ‘hairbrush’ instead of ‘brush’, ‘handsoap’ instead of ‘soap, etc.

8. Find

Once he’s solved the anagram, it’s time to go find his gift.

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10 Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues

If you want to do things a little differently on Easter morning this year, use these 10 Easter egg scavenger hunt clues for your kids to find their eggs. They’re sure to love the rhyming clues as they’re full of egg puns!

All you have to do is put the eggs in the different places indoors (and out) listed below, then give your kids the clues one at a time for them to go and hunt down their goodies.

Alternatively, you could hide the clues inside them, so the clue for the second egg is hidden inside the first one, etc.

We’ve also produced a free printable sheet containing all these clues – the link to download the sheet can be found beneath the 10 clues.

10 Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues

1. Where keys are kept

I know how smart you are
So you’ll find this with eggs-treme ease
The first prize you need to find
Is where we keep the keys

2. Hidden under items in a kitchen drawer

Now that you’ve cracked that one
It’s time to find one more
The second egg can be found
In a kitchen drawer

3. In a pan

Wow, you found that quickly
You’ve already got this scavenger hunt beaten
The next Easter egg can be found
In what cooks eggs before they’re eaten

4. Behind the TV (The unscrambled sentence should read ‘It’s behind something you like to view’)

So you’ve found three eggs already
Now here’s your next clue
Unscramble the next sentence:
It’s to you something like behind view

5. Underneath a bed

Are you feeling eggs-cessively tired?
Do you need to rest your head?
Then go and take a look upstairs
Your next clue is underneath a bed

6. Underneath a dining table chair

I should have made these clues harder
Made them more compl-eggs
The next one’s also hidden underneath something
This time something that has four legs

7. In the yard

That last clue was a little over-easy
So it’s time to give you the next one
You’ll have to find this one quickly though
Before it melts out in the sun

8. In the freezer

You haven’t chickened out
When it comes to solving these
Your next item can be found
Chilling out next to the peas

9. In the kitchen sink

I hope you’re having an eggs-traordinary time
Despite me making you think
The ninth one that you need to find
Is sitting in a sink

10. In the bathroom

Omelet you finish this scavenger hunt now
With just one final clue
Your last egg’s somewhere in the room
Where you brush what you use to chew

Printable Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues

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