10 Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year for organizing a scavenger hunt, especially for kids. So if you need some inspiration this festive season, here are 10 Christmas scavenger hunt riddles (and their answers!) for you to use.

We’ve provided some ideas below for how to use them, plus we’ve produced a free printable sheet containing these riddles to make it easier for you to organize – keep reading to get your copy.

If you like these ideas, we have loads more Christmas scavenger hunt riddles here and here, plus you can find many other Christmas riddles at our sister site Riddles For Kids.

We’ve mentioned that these are great for using with kids, but they could just as easily be used with adults – why should children have all the fun?!

Here’s how to organize the scavenger hunt:


  • Riddles (see below)
  • Scissors
  • 10 ornaments (optional – see below for the list)
  • 10 pictures (optional – see below for the list)


There are a number of different ways that you can use these scavenger hunt riddles – here are some ideas:

1. Find The Ornaments

For this idea you’ll need 10 different Christmas ornaments, one for each of the riddle answers below. Hang them in random places around the house – perhaps two in five different rooms.

Give your kids the riddles and have them work out all the answers. Once they’ve done that, send them off to hunt for all the different ornaments.

If you want to make it a little harder, hang up many other different types of ornaments around the house – that way, the correct ornaments won’t be found so easily.

If you want to use this option, the answers in the list of riddles below have links to the different Christmas ornaments on Amazon.

2. Get Your Gifts

To prepare for this option, hide your kids’ gifts in different places around the house, making sure you note down where you put each of them.

When you’re ready to play the scavenger hunt, give your kids the first riddle. When they guess correctly, let them know where their first gift is hidden. Once they’ve found it, give them the second riddle and continue until they’ve found all 10 gifts.

If you haven’t bought them as many as 10 gifts, you could either use fewer riddles or hide some candy instead.

To double up on this scavenger hunt idea, use this suggestion with our Christmas clues.

3. Picture This

Print off pictures of all 10 items listed below and put them up in different places indoors. Have your kids answer the riddles, then send them off hunting for images of the items.

To make it harder, organize it in a similar way to the ornament idea above by sticking up many other different Christmas images around the house. That way, the pictures they need to look for won’t be so immediately obvious.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Here’s the list of 10 different riddles for you to use with one of the ideas above, or an idea of your own.

Beneath this list is a link for a free printable sheet containing all these riddles – that way, you can simply cut them up and have them ready to go.

1. Snowflake

Dropping from the sky
More beautiful than rain
There are no two pieces
That’ll ever look the same

2. Santa Claus

When he gets on his vehicle
He tells his animals to go go go
And he’s a jolly old fellow
As he is always going ho ho ho

3. Penguin

My wings are used as flippers
So in water I can flow
Sometimes when on land I slide
On my belly in the snow

4. Stocking

These oversized socks are hung
Up above the fireplace
Where they’re stuffed with lots of gifts
To put a smile on your face

5. Snowman

You have to make him quickly
Not much time to have some fun
He won’t stick around for long
Once he’s been out in the sun

6. Candy Cane

I’m usually seen at Christmas
But I’m not a stocking or a bell
I am red and white in color
And shaped a bit like the letter L

7. Bells

If you hear these jingling around
The night just before Christmas Day
You had better try to get to sleep
As you are hearing Santa’s sleigh

8. Gingerbread House

You might make this at Christmas
So that you can stuff your face
A cake, icing and candy
An edible dwelling place

9. Snow Globe

If you take a look inside me
What is it that can be seen?
At rest there is a whitened ground
When shaken, a wintry scene

10. Reindeer

When going around the world
This animal can find the way
It goes to every country
While helping pull Santa’s sleigh

Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Other Ideas

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10 Kitchen Scavenger Hunt Riddles

If you want to plan a fun indoor activity for kids, here are 10 rhyming kitchen scavenger hunt riddles for you to use.

We’ve also produced a free printable worksheet to make it even easier for you to plan this game – keep reading to get your copy.

Here’s how to play it:


  • List of riddles (see below)
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape


Print off all the riddles using the free worksheet below and cut them into the 10 separate pieces.

Next, attach the second riddle to the first object (or put it inside of it), the third riddle on the second object, etc – that way, your kids can work their way around the kitchen finding the next item each time they solve a riddle.


Make sure that the pieces of paper aren’t in plain view so that the game isn’t too easy for them to complete.

For example, you could hide the second riddle inside one of the salt and pepper shakers, the third one inside the microwave rather than on the outside of its door, etc.


Explain to your kids that you’ve organized a kitchen scavenger hunt for them. To complete it, they’ll have to solve 10 riddles where the answer to each one is an item that can be found in the kitchen.

Give them the first riddle and have them work out the answer. Advise them that their next riddle will always be on or in the item they’ve just found.


Here are the 10 kitchen scavenger hunt riddles we’ve created especially for you to use.

Beneath this list is the link for the free printable worksheet containing these same riddles.

1. Salt and Pepper Shakers

One contains something black
And the other something white
Add these to what you eat
To make sure that they taste right

2. Microwave

If you come home after a long day
And cooking from scratch isn’t something you feel
Just grab a box from out the freezer
And stick it in this which will zap your meal

3. Fork

These riddles all rhyme
They’re just like some songs
The next thing to find
Has three or four prongs

4. Slow Cooker

When you’re going to be out all day
But still want to be cooking dinner
Then choosing this ceramic heater
Might well turn out to be a winner

5. Glasses

Despite what they’re called
They don’t cover your eyes
You fill them with drink
And then maybe some ice

6. Toaster

When you feel hungry
Having just got out of bed
One item you may use
Is the thing that can brown bread

7. Coffee pot

First you pour in water
Then add some stuff that is ground
When I drink what comes out
My alertness can be found

8. Freezer

This appliance
Keeps food nice
It turns water
Into ice

9. Chair

It isn’t a pet
But of legs there are four
It’s what you would use
When you can stand no more

10. Door

Only one more riddle to solve
You have done well getting this far
The last thing doesn’t contain jam
Even though it’s sometimes ajar

Printable Kitchen Scavenger Hunt Riddles


Seeing as this is being played in the kitchen, if you want to offer a prize, why not make their favorite cookies / muffins / brownies.