10 Office Scavenger Hunt Riddles – Part 2

We’ve published 10 office scavenger hunt riddles before – in fact, that’s been one of our 10 most visited scavenger hunt ideas so far this year.

It therefore definitely looks like adults need some fun activities at work, so we thought we’d help again by providing another 10 riddles where the answers are items you’ll have in an office.

As before, we’ve provided a free printable list with all the riddles on it to make this game as easy as possible to organize.

This is therefore perfect for using as a team building exercise – here’s how to play it:


  • List of riddles (see below)


Split your work colleagues into smaller teams. If you’re only a small office, it could be done individually, but small teams or pairs works better for team building.

Providing you have enough space in your office, start in an area away from all their desks. If you’re in a multilevel building, start on a different level to the one that you all normally work on.


Give each team the first riddle on the list. They have to work out the answer and then go and get the item – either from their own desks or somewhere else.

They then have to bring it back to you, at which point you’ll give them the next clue.

Only give them the next one though if they’ve returned with the correct item! For example, the answer to the 6th riddle is ‘sticky tape’. Someone might see the word ‘adhesive’ though and get some glue, even though this doesn’t come on a roll.


If you want the scavenger hunt to be a little more difficult, here are a couple of additional rules you could include:

  • Keep the stationary cupboard locked as this will make it harder to find the items they need
  • Make sure every person on a team has to go and get an item at least once (or more often if team sizes are smaller) – this will ensure a team with a fast runner doesn’t automatically win


This will be the team that answers all the riddles and finds the 10 office items first.


Here are the 10 new office scavenger hunt riddles. As mentioned above, beneath this list is a link for a free printable copy of the riddles – please feel free to print as many copies as you need when playing this game.

1. Clock

If you have a meeting in the office
You’ll need to know the time and place
Something that can help with one of these things
Has two or three hands over its face

2. Stapler

Fill me up with metal
And let me do my thing
Get some sheets of paper
I’ll have them attaching

3. Bulldog Clip

Despite my name
I do not bite
Having said that
I grip things tight

4. Pencil Sharpener

I’m not a razor
But have a blade
I unblunt items
That have a grade

5. Ruler

Contrary to my name
I am not a queen
Hold me up to things though
And their length is seen

6. Sticky Tape

If you’re needing something adhesive
As attaching stuff is your goal
Then make sure you come looking for me
As I am always on a roll

7. Hole Punch

My name sounds as though I like to fight
But you will actually find I’m kinder
Because I help with your paperwork
By ensuring it goes in a binder

8. Paper

I do not get put on a bed
Even though I am a sheet
Instead put me in a binder
To keep your desk nice and neat

9. Coffee Mug

Filling these items with brown / black stuff
I am sure you will be agreeing
Ensures everyone in the office
Starts the day as a human being

10. Binder

One inch, three inch, five inch
Choosing one is not a breeze
Because size can matter
When using one of these

Printable Office Scavenger Hunt Riddles – Part 2

10 Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Riddles

If you want to plan a fun game that’ll get kids thinking this fall, here are some scavenger hunt ideas with 10 Thanksgiving riddles you can use, complete with a free printable worksheet with the riddles on.

It’s perfect for using with your family, as a classroom or homework activity for school or with a youth group.

Here’s how to play it:


  • Riddles worksheet (see below)
  • Pens


The amount of preparation you need to do will depend on which of the ideas you choose that are listed below.


To play this game, the kids will need to answer the riddles that are clues to Thanksgiving-themed items.

There are a few ways to organize the scavenger hunt part of it – here are some ideas:

  • With your own children – If you have all 10 items at home, hide them around the house. Give your kids the riddles one at a time – once they’ve worked out the answer, have them hunt for the item. When they’ve found it, give them the next riddle.
  • At school – Give your students the worksheet and have them try to answer all the riddles. When they’ve worked out what each one is, they should find an image online for each answer and copy and paste it into a Word document. This could either be done in the classroom as part of a lesson or given as homework.
  • Youth group – Split the young people into teams and give each team a copy of the Thanksgiving riddles. Explain that their task is to work out all the answers and then to collect all 10 items.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Here are the 10 riddles mentioned above. Beneath this list is a link for a free printable worksheet containing the same riddles, making it easier for you to organize the scavenger hunt.

1. Turkey

It is time for Thanksgiving
I don’t know if you’d heard
It’s also time to gobble
This very tasty bird

2. Mayflower

Managing to sail this ship
Across the ocean was awesome
The ship that the pilgrims sailed
Was named as though it might blossom

3. Corn

This normally grows in fields
It’s a grain from what I hear
It can be eaten piece by piece
Or straight from a long ear

4. Pumpkin

The bigger it is
The more it feeds
This orange squash
Has lots of seeds

5. Scarecrow

He’s best friends with a tinman
And a lion with giant paws
If you were to shake his hand
You’d be clutching at some straws

6. Pilgrims

Black and white clothes and funny hats
Were what they wore when living
Way back in the 1600s
At the first Thanksgiving

7. Cranberry

You’ll eat this fruit with turkey
To help fill up your belly
It sometimes comes as a sauce
And sometimes it’s a jelly

8. Football

An annual tradition
On every Thanksgiving Day
Is watching the great team sport
The Lions and Cowboys play

9. Candied Yams

This is a tasty side dish
Everyone will want to chow down
It’s made of sweet potatoes
Marshmallows and sugar that’s brown

10. Cornucopia

You will need plenty of produce
To fill up this big food horn
Sweet potatoes, pumpkins and gourds
Apples, squashes and some corn

Printable Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Riddles