Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt For Kids

If you want to plan a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt for kids, why not try this idea – it’s a great way to show your kids how much you love them.

This can be done no matter how old they are, so do this activity with little kids, teens or even your adult children!



On a sticky note, write down one thing that you love about your child and put that note to one side. Do the same thing again and again until you have at least 10 notes with things that you love about your kid.

On Valentine’s Day, place these stickers in random places all over the house. The scavenger hunt part is for your child to search for all these sticky notes.

Valentines Day

Creating The List

When writing out the notes, try not to focus on just one area of their life, but praise them for as many different things as possible.

These could include:

  • Doing well at school (even if they struggle academically, praise them for their effort or for a subject that they do excel in)
  • Helping out around the house
  • Doing a thorough job when doing chores
  • Playing nicely with siblings
  • Keeping their room tidy
  • How skilled they are at video games
  • Their sense of humor
  • Taking care of a pet
  • Getting ready for school on time in the mornings
  • Always being home on time
  • Being polite to people
  • Eating their vegetables

Needless to say, every child is different so your list could look completely different to the one above. Whatever’s on your list, we can’t over-emphasize the importance of praising kids and teenagers.

2+ Kids

If you have two or more children, create a unique list for each of them. To ensure they don’t think there’s any favoritism, write the same number of sticky notes for each of them.

Make sure you write their names on each of the notes though, otherwise they might end up finding each other’s notes and not knowing whose is whose!

The best thing about this Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt is that it not only helps your kids to feel loved, but it creates lasting memories, particularly by giving them a lasting memento of it in the form of the notes. Even if they don’t want to admit it, they’ll treasure the notes and what you wrote on them.

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