Winter Scavenger Hunt For Kids

This winter scavenger hunt for kids is a great activity to do when you know that it’s going to be cold outside and you don’t want your kids cooped up indoors.

Here’s how to organize it:


  • Alphabet ice cube trays (these ones are perfect for it)
  • Food coloring (one color per person / team)
  • Buckets or plastic bags
  • Scavenger hunt list
  • Pens


Due to the amount of time it’ll take to freeze all the ice cubes, you’ll probably need to start creating the ice cubes a few days in advance.

Use the food coloring to make ice cubes that are different colors. Each player / team will be allocated a particular color to find, so use as many colors as there will be teams. If you only have one child, there’s no need to use food coloring other than to make it more fun.

On the day of the scavenger hunt, spread out all the ice cubes over as wide an outdoor playing area as you can. Don’t put all the same colors next to each other, this way teams will have to search harder for all of their ice cubes.

It’s therefore also worth checking out what the weather will be on the day you’re planning this winter scavenger hunt for kids, as if it’s too warm the ice cubes could melt before they’ve had a chance to find them!

To Play

Provide each team with a bucket, plastic bag or another container that’s large enough to hold all the ice cubes they need to collect. This will protect their hands and help prevent the ice cubes from melting.

There are then a couple of ways you can play this scavenger hunt:

  1. Full Alphabet – Teams have to find ice cubes representing every letter of the alphabet. Provide a list of all the letters in the alphabet for them to check off as they go along.
  2. Winter Word(s) – Teams have to find ice cubes that spell out a winter related word(s). For example, you could have them find letters to spell out “Frosty The Snowman”, “Christmas”, “Winter Scavenger Hunt”, etc. The list would therefore spell out these words for them to check off each letter as they find them.

To make the second option a little harder, don’t provide a list of letters they need to find. Instead, simply advise the teams how many letters they need to find. Once they’ve found all the letters, get them to rearrange the letters to spell the winter related word.


The winning team is the one that finds all of their letters first (and spells out the word(s) if you’re playing that option).


If you organize the Winter Words option, bear in mind that this will require extra preparation time when freezing the ice cubes as letters may appear more than once in the word(s).

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3 Winter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

If you need fun activities to do on cold and dark evenings, these winter scavenger hunt ideas could be just the thing.

These three ideas are great for kids but are also fun to do with friends.

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of items relating to the winter season and have players find all of them. Check out our separate post that contains a winter scavenger hunt list that you can download and print off.

Color Cube Hunt

For this idea, you’ll need:

  • Ice cubes trays (this penguin ice cube tray is perfect for a winter themed scavenger hunt)
  • Food coloring (a different color per person / team)
  • Cold weather

To prepare, freeze down as many ice cubes as you can make – you may therefore need to start making these a few days in advance. Add food coloring to each batch, making the same number of cubes for each color.

Once they’re ready, hide the ice cubes outside (this is why you need the cold weather!) Allocate a color to each player that they have to find, then send them off to search for them all.

The winner is the person who finds all of their colored ice cubes first.

Winter Facts Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of facts relating to winter, then have players try to find all the correct answers as quickly as they can. This is therefore best done as an internet scavenger hunt.

To make this activity easier for you, we also have a winter facts scavenger hunt list that you can download and print off.

We hope these winter scavenger hunt ideas give you some inspiration for fun activities that you can do with both kids and adults. You may also like 52 Scavenger Hunt Ideas – our book that has a wide range of ideas and lists that you can print off or make photocopies of.