Winter Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Winter scavenger hunt for kids

This winter scavenger hunt for kids is a great activity to do when you know that it's going to be cold outside and you don't want your kids cooped up indoors. Here's how to organize it: Resources Alphabet ice cube trays (these ones are perfect for it) Food coloring (one color per person … [Read more...]

3 Winter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Winter scavenger hunt ideas

If you need fun activities to do on cold and dark evenings, these winter scavenger hunt ideas could be just the thing. These three ideas are great for kids but are also fun to do with friends. Winter Scavenger Hunt Make a list of items relating to the winter season and have players find all … [Read more...]

Winter Facts Scavenger Hunt

Winter facts scavenger hunt

Make learning fun with this winter facts scavenger hunt! It's perfect for giving your kids something to do this winter, as well as being a fun activity for adults at a winter / Christmas party. Players will need to go online and search for the answers on the internet. Most cellphones have … [Read more...]

Winter Scavenger Hunt List

Winter scavenger hunt list

If you're looking for a winter scavenger hunt list, we have just what you need. This scavenger hunt idea can be done by either having players collect all the items on the list, or as a photo scavenger hunt¬†where they have to take photos of all the items instead. Winter Scavenger Hunt … [Read more...]