Homophone Scavenger Hunt List

Here's a fun homophone scavenger hunt that's great for kids or anyone else who's learning English. It's therefore perfect for English teachers, parents who homeschool their kids or ESL teachers to use, although can be just as fun when played in other environments like a youth group. About … [Read more...]

Christmas Carol Scavenger Hunt List

Christmas Carol Scavenger Hunt

If you want to plan a fun activity that will involve random members of the public, here's a Christmas carol scavenger hunt idea you can use. This video scavenger hunt is perfect for using with a church youth group, although could be used with other groups of kids or adults of any age. There's … [Read more...]

15 Bible Scavenger Hunt Questions

Books Of The Bible Poster

If you're looking for a fun scripture-based game for church, these 15 Bible scavenger hunt questions are just what you need! They're perfect for using with people of any age: Your own kids Kids at Sunday school Christian youth group Adult small group There's also a free printable … [Read more...]

10 Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Thanksgiving scavenger hunt

If you want to plan a fun game that'll get kids thinking this fall, here are some scavenger hunt ideas with 10 Thanksgiving riddles you can use, complete with a free printable worksheet with the riddles on. It's perfect for using with your family, as a classroom or homework activity for school or … [Read more...]

Mall Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Mall scavenger hunt

A shopping mall is a great place to organize a scavenger hunt as there's so much there that you can have players look for and find out. Today's idea is therefore a fun mall scavenger hunt for kids, although it can just as easily be used with older teens and youth groups and is perfect for team … [Read more...]

Talk Like A Pirate Day Video Scavenger Hunt Idea

Pirate Scavenger Hunt

September 19 is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so what better way to celebrate it than with this funny video scavenger hunt idea. This is perfect for adults and youth groups, so gather up your hearties and play this game. Resources The funniest way of playing this is by having a … [Read more...]

Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt List

Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt List

If you're interested in planning a nature photo scavenger hunt, here's a fun idea that also includes a free printable list of 20 items for players to take pictures of. It's a great outdoor activity that encourages the creativity and artistic ability of the players and can be played with kids, … [Read more...]

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt Ideas – Budget It

Grocery store scavenger hunt

Here's a great grocery store scavenger hunt idea that can also be used to help teach players how to stick to a food budget. It's therefore an ideal activity to use with kids or youth, but could also be used to teach this important life skill to adults or as a team building exercise. If you … [Read more...]