10 Easter Scavenger Hunt Riddles

If you want a unique activity for helping your kids find their Easter eggs this year, Easter scavenger hunt riddles are a great way of doing this.

It can take some time to create your own riddles though – time which you don’t often have as a parent.

We therefore wanted to make your life easier, so here are 10 free riddles you can use for an Easter egg hunt.

These are all rhyming riddles and should be easy enough for younger kids to be able to answer too. The location where each Easter egg should be hidden is noted above the riddle that’s been written for it.

We’ve also produced a free printable sheet with all of these scavenger hunt riddles on that you can print off as many times as you like. That way, you can cut out each one and hide the clue for the second egg in the first one, the clue for the third egg in the second one and so on. The link to download and print the sheet can be found beneath the riddles.

10 Easter Scavenger Hunt Riddles

1. Taped under the kitchen table

How many eggs are you looking for?
You’re looking for a whole bunch
The one you need to hunt down first
Is under where you’ll have lunch

2. In the bath

When you find this next Easter egg
You’ll find your egg total doubles
So where can you locate this one?
In a place you might play with bubbles

3. Behind the TV

Will you find this next riddle harder?
I’m afraid I don’t really know
The egg is hidden behind the thing
On which you watch your favorite show

4. In the dishwasher

This item gets lots of water in it
But you’ll never see any fishes
Instead you’ll find all kinds of other things
Like forks and cups and dishes

5. In the mailbox

I hope you like this Easter scavenger hunt
And that the riddles aren’t too hard
The next egg that you’re looking for
Is where the postman would deliver a card

6. On a bookshelf

So where is the next one hidden?
Where do you need to look?
Look up and down and left to right
Where you would store a book

7. In the fridge

The best part of these Easter eggs
Are the items with which they’re filled
This next one that you’re looking for
Is where food is kept chilled

8. In the garage

You’re getting a good amount of Easter eggs
You’re getting a nice big heap
You’ll need to search now in the place
Where each night the car goes to sleep

9. Behind the sofa

Is this scavenger hunt wearing you out?
Do you need to rest your feet?
This next egg is hidden behind
Where you might take a seat

10. Under the bed

This final riddle’s not too hard
It won’t make you think too deep
Just go and look under the place
Where at night you go to sleep

Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Riddles

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