10 Indoor Scavenger Hunt Clues

If you’re wanting to plan an indoor scavenger hunt for kids, here are 10 free rhyming clues you can use for a fun game where they have to search around the house.


There are a couple of ways you can play this game:

  1. Scavenger Hunt – Hide 9 small prizes and 1 big prize in the locations the clues lead the kids to, with the big prize being hidden at the final clue’s location (a closet). The clues can also be attached to each of the items so that when they find each one, they also get their next clue.
  2. Treasure Hunt – Instead of providing the small prizes along the way, just have one big prize at the very end, having them find their next clue in each of the locations along the way.

All of the clues below are based on playing it as a scavenger hunt, so some of them refer to a ‘prize’. If you play it as a treasure hunt instead, change any reference to prizes to ‘clue’ – other than the final one that will lead to their prize / treasure!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Clues

So here’s the list of clues that lead to different items and places around the house. As mentioned above, they all rhyme and are tailored specifically for kids, so they shouldn’t have too hard a time solving all of them.

1. Under the bed

For your first prize
You just might
Find it under
Where you sleep at night

2. Fridge

You won’t be hungry
When this is filled
It keeps the food
Nice and chilled

3. Lamp

You’re doing well
You’re very bright
Your next prize is
Next to a light

4. TV

Do we let you watch it all night?
Of course the answer’s no!
But the next place to look
Is how you watch your favorite show

5. Sink or bathtub – your choice!

If you want your next prize
You really oughta
Look in a place
That gets filled with water

6. Fan

It goes round and round
But it isn’t a ball
The faster it spins
The more you keep cool

7. Bookshelf

For your next prize
You need to look
In a place where
You might put a book

8. Laundry basket

You’re doing incredibly well
You’re a clue-answering fiend!
The next place to look is where
You put clothes that need to be cleaned

9. Printer

It’s full of paper
And full of ink
But it’s not a book
So what is it do you think?

10. Closet

You’re nearly at the end
So go out with a bang
You can find your grand prize
In the place your clothes hang

If you liked these ideas, we have loads more free scavenger hunt clues and riddles you can use with your kids.