10 Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles – Part 1

If you want to plan a fun outdoor activity for your kids, here’s a set of riddles you can use.

These 10 outdoor scavenger hunt riddles will lead the players to various different objects and locations in your backyard and neighborhood.

You could therefore hide objects in each answer’s location if you want it to be like a treasure hunt, or the next riddle could be hidden at each location instead, leading them to their prize / surprise at the last location.


Some of the answers to the riddles might be a little tricky for younger kids, so you may need to give them some hints if they struggle to work them out.

For example, the answer to the final riddle is partly based on a homophone – “a horse’s movement” refers to its gait, while the second part of the clue (door) leads to the actual answer – gate.

With the 3rd riddle, they’ll need to work out that they need to remove “itch” from the word “switching”, as this leaves the answer – swing.

10 Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles Part 1

  1. If you can’t make up your mind, this might be where you’re sitting (On the fence)
  2. This is where colorful plants go to sleep (Flowerbed)
  3. You might reach new heights on switching if there’s no itch (Swing set)
  4. Don’t be sappy! Stay rooted by branching out on this object (Tree)
  5. This is where you might bat away a precious stone (Baseball diamond)
  6. It’s not sharp even though there are thousands of blades (Grass)
  7. It’s something you press even though it sounds like something you should knock and ring (Doorbell)
  8. Somewhere you may be found guilty of making a racket (Tennis court)
  9. The White House has twice been home to this type of shrub (Bush)
  10. A horse’s movement might open this door (Gate)

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