Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt

If you’re planning a Christmas gift scavenger hunt, you’ll probably want to come up with some clues or riddles to lead your kids (or adults!) to where you’ve hidden their presents.

Here at Scavenger Hunt though, we like to save you time and hassle. We’ve therefore created 10 Christmas gift scavenger hunt clues and riddles for you to use that can be found below.

All of these clues rhyme and are short enough to be able to write on flash cards, post-it notes, inside Christmas cards – or you can use the free printable sheet we’ve provided below. We’d recommend attaching these to the presents, so the first gift has the clue to the second gift, which has the clue to the third gift, etc.

It should be fairly obvious what the answers are, as we’ve designed them so that kids can work them out with little trouble. Just in case though, we’ve mentioned where to hide the gifts in parentheses at the end of each clue.

Also, if you like these ideas, we have another set of 10 printable Christmas clues.

Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt Clues

For your first gift
You’ll need to look
Where you keep
Your favorite book (Bookcase)

With your second gift
It can be seen
In the place
Where you get clean (Bathroom)

To find your third gift
You have to keep your head
Low to the ground
As it’s under a bed (Um, under a bed)

If you want your fourth gift
Go to the place in the house
That has something that won’t squeak
Even though it is a mouse (Next to the computer)

Your lovely fifth gift
Can be found inside a card
Which is hidden outside
Somewhere in the backyard (In a Christmas card in the backyard – i.e. money or a gift card)

To get your sixth gift
You’ll need to be able
To get on your knees
And look under a table (Attach to the underside of a table)

You’re at your seventh gift already?
You haven’t been slow
Take a look on the sill
Beneath a window (Window sill)

To get your eighth gift now
You don’t have to go far
Just go to the place
Where we lock up the car (Garage)

Your ninth gift is packed
Inside of a box
That’s buried underneath
All your stinky socks (Sock drawer)

Your tenth and last gift
It was a perfect fit
For the space behind
Where you might go to sit (Behind the sofa)

Printable Christmas Gift Scavenger Hunt Clues

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