M&Ms Scavenger Hunt

This M&Ms Scavenger Hunt idea is a great activity to do for a kids birthday party, but is perfect for pretty much any occasion.

To organize this, you’ll first need to order some personalized M&Ms. If you click on the image at the bottom of this post, you’ll be able to get 10% off. As you can see, you can have messages or images printed on the M&Ms, so you can customize them however you like.

(n.b. In theory, you could use regular M&Ms for this scavenger hunt – which would also be cheaper – but the personalized ones are so much more fun!)

To do this scavenger hunt, hide the personalized M&Ms all over the place, whether that’s indoors, in the backyard, at the office, etc. The players / teams then have to search for a complete set of M&Ms – the first team to do this is the winner.

There are many different options you could use that would constitute a complete set, so here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Alphabet Search – Order multiple sets of M&Ms, with each piece of candy having one letter of the alphabet on it. Teams have to find the entire alphabet to win
  • Hangman – Order multiple sets of M&Ms, with each piece of candy containing one letter of a certain phrase on it (e.g. Happy birthday Daniel, office Christmas party, youth group fall retreat, etc). The first team to find the M&Ms that spell out the entire phrase wins
  • Who Are You – Create multiple sets of personalized M&Ms with photos of all the people who’ll be taking part in the scavenger hunt (this might work best for a youth group or office party). The first person / team to find an M&M with each person’s face on it will win
  • Football / Baseball Logos – You can order M&Ms with logos for each NFL or MLB team. Order multiple sets of each team, with players / teams having to find each team’s logo first in order to win
  • Three Is A Magic Number – Create candies with whatever words or images you like, but also order just one M&M with the number 3 on it. The team that finds this is the winner

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M&M scavenger hunt