Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt Ideas – Budget It

Grocery store scavenger hunt

Here's a great grocery store scavenger hunt idea that can also be used to help teach players how to stick to a food budget. It's therefore an ideal activity to use with kids or youth, but could also be used to teach this important life skill to adults or as a team building exercise. If you … [Read more...]

3 Mall Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Mall Scavenger Hunt Ideas

If you want to plan a fun activity for people of any age, here are 3 mall scavenger hunt ideas you can use. All of the ideas are photo scavenger hunts, which means that rather than collecting the items, players should take photos of each item. You'll therefore need to ensure that each player / … [Read more...]

3 Money Scavenger Hunt Ideas

3 Money Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Today we have three scavenger hunt ideas that have money as the theme. The great thing about these ideas is that they don't actually have to cost you anything! They're also good for using with people of any and all ages, so anyone can enjoy these games. Here's how to play them: 1. … [Read more...]