Fall Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Fall days can be a great opportunity to get outdoors with your children and have some fun in the fresh air.

If you’re looking for ideas on ways you can do this, here’s a great fall scavenger hunt for kids, including a free printable list with 20 items for them to hunt for.


  • List (see below)
  • Pens
  • Cameras (optional)




This can be played with any number of kids. If you’re organizing it for your own children, you could walk around together to try to find all the items.

For larger groups – perhaps for a birthday party or school activity – you could split into smaller groups provided you have enough adults to do this.


This scavenger hunt is best suited for being played in your neighborhood where your kids can walk around trying to find the items.

If you live in the middle of a city, you might need to go further afield to find some of the items as many of them will be found out in nature.


Give the players / teams a copy of the list containing 20 fall-themed items. Explain that their task is to go around and try to spot all the items on the list.


There are a couple of different ways this can be played:

  • Observational – Players only have to see the items – they can then check them off their list
  • Photo – Players have to take a photo of each of the items


If you want to make this fall scavenger hunt competitive, here’s how to award points:

  • Observational – Award one point for each item that a player / team finds. The winner would therefore be whoever scores the most points. In the event of a tie, the winner is whoever finished first.
  • Photo – Award one point for each item that a player / team finds. Also award one bonus point per item to whichever person / team took the best photo. This means that there are a possible 40 points up for grabs.


Here’s the list of 20 fall-themed items for players to hunt for. Beneath this is a link to the free printable copy of the list – please feel free to print as many copies as you need. There are two copies of the list per page to reduce the number of pages you have to print.

  1. Red leaf
  2. Halloween decoration
  3. Pine cone
  4. Umbrella
  5. Pumpkin
  6. Yellow leaf
  7. Berry
  8. Leaf blower
  9. Evergreen tree
  10. Squirrel
  11. Spider web
  12. Multi-colored leaf
  13. Bale of hay
  14. Acorn
  15. Pile of leaves
  16. Insect
  17. Scarecrow
  18. Moss
  19. Puddle
  20. Orange leaf

Printable Fall Scavenger Hunt List

Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt List

If you’re interested in planning a nature photo scavenger hunt, here’s a fun idea that also includes a free printable list of 20 items for players to take pictures of.

It’s a great outdoor activity that encourages the creativity and artistic ability of the players and can be played with kids, teens, youth groups or adults.

Here’s how to organize it:


  • List (see below)
  • Pens
  • Cameras (cell phone cameras are fine)




This nature scavenger hunt is best played individually if you’re trying to encourage and showcase the players’ photographic talents.

However, it could also be played in pairs or small teams – if so, try to create teams where players with different levels of ability are on the same team, so more experienced photographers can give advice to those with less experience.


Give each of the players / teams the list of nature-themed items they have to take photos of. Make sure that they all have access to a camera, as well as a pen to check off each item once it’s completed.

Advise them that their task is to take photos of each item, but that the photos should be as creative and artistic as possible. This could be achieved through lighting, filters, zooming in, or however else they see fit.


Award 1 point for each item that they take a photo of, meaning there are 20 base points available.

Next, award 2 points for each of the 20 photos to the teams that took the best photo, meaning there are an additional 40 points available.

If you’re playing this with younger kids, you may prefer to simply play this as a regular photo scavenger hunt and not give bonus points based on the quality of the photos.


Here’s a list of 20 items to have players take pictures of, although you could create your own list.

Beneath this is a link to the free printable copy of the list – there are two copies of the list on the page to reduce the number of sheets you have to print off.

  1. Yellow flower
  2. Tree
  3. River / stream
  4. Leaf
  5. Twig
  6. Bush
  7. Berry
  8. Field
  9. Cloud
  10. Animal
  11. Spider web
  12. Rock
  13. Bird
  14. Tree with no leaves
  15. Puddle
  16. Purple flower
  17. Insect
  18. Grass
  19. Animal tracks
  20. Sand

Printable Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt List


Once the photo scavenger hunt has been completed, put together a slideshow of all the pictures so that everyone can admire each other’s photos.