Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt List

Your neighborhood can be a great place to organize a scavenger hunt, especially if all the houses don’t look the same.

To take advantage of this, here’s an idea complete with a neighborhood scavenger hunt list.

This activity can be done with people of any ages, so is perfect for doing with your kids, their friends, teenagers or even with adults.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt List

How To Play

Put together a list of items that the players should be able to find in the neighborhood. Then send them out to find all these items and take photos as evidence that they found them all.

Set a time limit for everyone to return by. You may also want to set some kind of outer boundaries marked by streets that they have to stay within – this will ensure there’s a level playing field.


The first person / team to return having taken photos of all the items is the winner. If no one manages to complete the list within the allotted time, the winner will be the person who found the most items in that time.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt List

To make things nice and easy for you, we’ve put together a list of 20 items for players to find which are listed below.

Beneath that list, you can also find a link to a free downloadable copy of the list. This means that you can print it instantly and/or save it to your computer for future use.

Neighborhood Items

  1. Lighthouse yard ornament
  2. Red front door
  3. Lawnmower
  4. Brick house
  5. 3 cars on driveway
  6. Stop sign
  7. Pond
  8. Sofa in yard
  9. For rent sign
  10. Basketball hoop
  11. Double garage
  12. Dog in yard
  13. For sale sign
  14. Flag
  15. Animal yard ornament
  16. Boat
  17. Boarded up window
  18. Fir cone
  19. 3 story house
  20. White picket fence

Printable neighborhood scavenger hunt list

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