10 Anniversary Scavenger Hunt Riddles

We recently published 4 scavenger hunt ideas you could use if you wanted to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

Here’s an additional idea – a collection of 10 scavenger hunt riddles based on different anniversary gifts.

These are a mix of both traditional and modern gifts and are perfect for organizing a romantic activity for your partner.

Here’s how to organize it:


  • Post-it notes
  • Pen
  • An item made of each type of material listed in the riddles


First, decide where you want to hide the actual anniversary gift for your partner and hide it there. The location will need to consist of 10 letters – it could therefore be something like ‘In bathroom’, ‘Beneath bed’, ‘On the shelf’ or ‘Dishwasher’.

Next, write each of the letters on a post-it note, attach one post-it to each of the 10 items made of an anniversary material (see below) and then place or hide them in random places around the house.

Make a note of the rooms you place each item in – that way you can let your partner know which room to go to in order to find each one. If possible, don’t place any of the items in the same room where you’ve hidden their actual gift in case they find it too early.

Finally, give your spouse each of the riddles. Once they’ve found all 10 items and post-its, let them know how many words the letters should make up and have them rearrange them in order to find their gift.

10 Anniversary Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Here are the 10 free rhyming riddles you can use:


Getting cold? Put on this jacket now.
It is made courtesy of a cow


Plenty of sheets but no bed in sight
It can cut you but it doesn’t bite


This is something you might keep next to your bed
It has hands but no arms, a face but no head


It’s a four sided shape, this shouldn’t be hard
It goes with a spade, diamond and club on a card


Test if it’s real by giving it a bite
It’s usually yellow but sometimes it’s white


Fridge-freezer, toaster, washer-dryer.
Dishwasher, range and a deep fryer


It’s quite fuzzy but isn’t a beard
It’s what you get when a sheep is sheared


In this kind of city lived Oz’s wizard
It’s a green kind of color like a lizard


Put food on plates made of these and then have a feast
It’s also a country that is out in the east


Don’t have one of these? Meetings might be missed
It’s something that you would wear on your wrist

4 Anniversary Scavenger Hunt Ideas

If you’d like some fun ways to celebrate the memories of a wedding day, here are 4 anniversary scavenger hunt ideas you could use.

These are all great ideas for adults and are versatile in how they can be organized. They could be used by:

  • Couples for a romantic activity
  • A group of friends who all got married around the same time
  • A married couples small group at a church
  • Friends or family members of a couple who are celebrating a milestone anniversary

4 Anniversary Scavenger Hunt Ideas

1. Find An Item, Every Item

This is a good one if you’re celebrating an anniversary of one particular year, rather than multiple couples celebrating different lengths of time that they’ve been married.

The idea is that players have to find as many items as they can made from that year’s anniversary gift type – either modern or traditional.

For example, if you’re celebrating a first anniversary the traditional gift is paper. Players would therefore have to find as many different types of paper as possible.

Don’t make it easy by letting people find blue paper, green paper, red paper, etc. Instead, it should be more varied, like:

  1. Newspaper
  2. Printer paper
  3. Toilet paper
  4. Paper towel
  5. Construction paper
  6. Tissue paper
  7. Tissues
  8. Paper plate
  9. Paper napkin
  10. Checkbook
  11. Takeout menu
  12. Calendar

2. Traditional Anniversary Gifts

For a more general anniversary scavenger hunt, make a list of traditional gifts for different years of marriage – ideally at least 20 of them, but it doesn’t have to be every gift from years 1-20. Instead, you could list the gifts for 1-10, then the gifts for following milestones like 15, 20, 25, etc years of marriage.

Teams then have to find an item of each type – paper, cotton, leather, wood, silver, etc – that would also make an appropriate gift.

Teams would earn 1 point for each item they find, with one bonus point being awarded for the best gift of each type.

3. Modern Anniversary Gifts

This idea is similar to the second option listed above, except that players have to find gifts from the modern list, rather than the traditional one.

They’d therefore be looking for clocks, china, crystal, appliances, desk sets, etc.

4. Funny Scavenger Hunt

For an even more entertaining game, add a twist that will make it far more funny. Instead of teams having to find the best possible traditional or modern gifts, they have to find the worst possible gifts instead!

Here are some examples of anniversary gifts teams could pick for this type of scavenger hunt:

  1. Appliance – a food blender from a thrift store that looks like it’s from the 70s and still has crusty food on it
  2. Desk set – a child’s first day of school pencil case
  3. Fruit – a rotten banana
  4. Diamond jewelry – cheap earrings from Claire’s
  5. Ruby – a half-eaten appetizer from Ruby Tuesday
  6. Cotton – a used T-shirt with holes in it

Teams would therefore earn one point for each item they collect, with one bonus point available for the worst type of each item.