Homophone Scavenger Hunt List

Here's a fun homophone scavenger hunt that's great for kids or anyone else who's learning English. It's therefore perfect for English teachers, parents who homeschool their kids or ESL teachers to use, although can be just as fun when played in other environments like a youth group. About … [Read more...]

Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt

If you're planning a wedding for yourself or someone else, here's a fun scavenger hunt idea you can use that everyone at the wedding reception can take part in. It's a great way to get unique lasting memories for the bride and groom, while also being a good icebreaker for people sitting at the … [Read more...]

Christmas Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Santa Claus Costume For Kids

If you want to organize a festive activity for your children that's easy to plan, here's a great Christmas scavenger hunt for kids that you can use. Here's how to play it: Resources Pen (optional) Paper (optional) Preparation None. See, we told you it was easy to … [Read more...]

Christmas Carol Scavenger Hunt List

Christmas Carol Scavenger Hunt

If you want to plan a fun activity that will involve random members of the public, here's a Christmas carol scavenger hunt idea you can use. This video scavenger hunt is perfect for using with a church youth group, although could be used with other groups of kids or adults of any age. There's … [Read more...]

20 Christmas Party Scavenger Hunt Questions

Christmas Story Leg Lamp Stocking

If you'd like to plan a fun game for adults this festive season, here's a great Christmas party scavenger hunt idea. It's a great 'Getting To Know You' activity that's perfect for using with friends, at an office Christmas party or as a festive team building game. It also includes a free … [Read more...]

10 Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles

10 Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year for organizing a scavenger hunt, especially for kids. So if you need some inspiration this festive season, here are 10 Christmas scavenger hunt riddles (and their answers!) for you to use. We've provided some ideas below for how to use them, … [Read more...]

Neighborhood Christmas Scavenger Hunt List

Neighborhood Christmas Scavenger Hunt List

Here's a fun idea for a Christmas scavenger hunt that you can play in your neighborhood this festive season. It's a great way to have some fun outdoors and can be used with kids, youth groups or adults. This is how to organize it: Resources Scavenger hunt list (see … [Read more...]