20 Christmas Party Scavenger Hunt Questions

Christmas Story Leg Lamp Stocking

If you'd like to plan a fun game for adults this festive season, here's a great Christmas party scavenger hunt idea. It's a great 'Getting To Know You' activity that's perfect for using with friends, at an office Christmas party or as a festive team building game. It also includes a free … [Read more...]

Math Scavenger Hunt Questions

Pi Mug

If you want to plan an activity that makes math even more fun, here's a set of math scavenger hunt questions you can use. This idea could be used in the classroom at school if you're a math teacher or at home with your own kids if they're home-schooled (or even if they're not!) It also … [Read more...]

20 Thanksgiving Internet Scavenger Hunt Questions

Thanksgiving Internet Scavenger Hunt

If you want to plan a fun learning activity for kids this fall, here are 20 Thanksgiving internet scavenger hunt questions you can use. These questions are great for using with your kids at home or in the classroom at school if you're a teacher. We've also provided a free printable worksheet … [Read more...]

15 Bible Scavenger Hunt Questions

Books Of The Bible Poster

If you're looking for a fun scripture-based game for church, these 15 Bible scavenger hunt questions are just what you need! They're perfect for using with people of any age: Your own kids Kids at Sunday school Christian youth group Adult small group There's also a free printable … [Read more...]

Mall Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Mall scavenger hunt

A shopping mall is a great place to organize a scavenger hunt as there's so much there that you can have players look for and find out. Today's idea is therefore a fun mall scavenger hunt for kids, although it can just as easily be used with older teens and youth groups and is perfect for team … [Read more...]

First Day Of School Scavenger Hunt

First Day Of School Scavenger Hunt

If you're a teacher and want to plan a fun back to school activity for the classroom, here's a first day of school scavenger hunt idea, complete with a free printable worksheet. It's a great 'Getting To Know You' game that helps with team building, especially if you'll have a group of students … [Read more...]

Would You Rather Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Would You Rather

You may have played Would You Rather before, but we're guessing you probably haven't ever played a scavenger hunt based on this classic game! Well, that can change today as here's an idea of how to combine these two fun games. It's perfect for using with your kids or as a youth group activity, … [Read more...]

Classroom Scavenger Hunt Activity

Classroom scavenger hunt

If you're a teacher who wants an interesting way of testing your students, here's an idea for a fun classroom scavenger hunt activity. It can be used for any subject and with kids of any age. Here's how to plan it: Resources Post-it notes or index cards Sticky tape (if using index … [Read more...]