20 Christmas Party Scavenger Hunt Questions

If you’d like to plan a fun game for adults this festive season, here’s a great Christmas party scavenger hunt idea.

It’s a great ‘Getting To Know You‘ activity that’s perfect for using with friends, at an office Christmas party or as a festive team building game.

It also includes a free printable list of 20 questions for you to use – keep reading to get your copy.

Here’s how to play it:


  • Questions list (see below)
  • Pens


None needed.


This is a game played individually, although it still works well as a team building scavenger hunt as players have a chance to get to know each other better by asking all the questions.


Give each person a copy of the questions and a pen. Explain that their task is to go around the room and try to find different people who can answer ‘Yes’ to each of the questions.

When they find someone, they should write their name down in the right-hand column (both first and last name) and then find someone else who can answer ‘Yes’ to a different question.

Players aren’t allowed to write down their own name on their sheet.

Set a time limit that everyone needs to be completed by, then send them off hunting for people!


There are a few different ways that points can be earned and lost – make sure that these are all explained to players before you start:

  • Players earn one point for each question that they’re able to match against someone else in the room
  • The first person to match up people for all 20 questions earns two bonus points
  • Subtract one point each time a person’s name appears twice or more on the same list – this is to encourage players to speak to as many different people at the Christmas party as possible

The person with the highest score once all these points have been taken into account is the winner.

Scavenger Hunt Questions

Here’s the list of 20 different questions that people will have to ask each other.

Beneath this list is a link for a free printable sheet containing these same questions – please feel free to print as many copies as you need when organizing this Christmas party game.

  1. Were you at least 1 week overdue when you were born?
  2. Do you have an older sister?
  3. Have you ever been on TV?
  4. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
  5. Have you had at least 10 different jobs?
  6. Can you speak at least two other languages?
  7. Have you visited at least 15 different countries?
  8. Do you own a purple car?
  9. Have you ever gone bungee jumping?
  10. Do you have a Z in your middle name?
  11. Are you allergic to dogs?
  12. Do you have more than 10 keys with you?
  13. Can you play the piano?
  14. Do you have on socks that don’t match?
  15. Have you run a marathon?
  16. Did you not pass your driving test the first time?
  17. Do you have green eyes?
  18. Do you own at least 5 pets?
  19. Do you have a photo of your partner in your wallet?
  20. Have you never watched Star Wars?

Printable Christmas Party Scavenger Hunt Questions

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Internet Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

If you want to plan a fun online activity for people of any age, here’s a great internet scavenger hunt worksheet you can use.

It’s a game where players have to find different websites for each letter of the alphabet that could keep the players busy for a long time and can be a great team building activity.

Here’s how to play it:


  • Worksheet (see below)
  • Pens
  • Internet access


None needed


This will depend on how many people you have playing the game. With a large group, split them into smaller teams of 3-5 people to get them to work together and to encourage team building.

For smaller groups, this could be played in pairs or individually.


Give each player / team a scavenger hunt worksheet and a pen. Explain that on the top of the sheet is a list of 26 different types of websites that can be found on the internet.

Their task is to use the box on the bottom half of the sheet to create a list of actual websites – one for each type of site listed at the top.

There is a restriction though that makes this game much harder – each site has to start with a different letter of the alphabet, hence it being an alphabet scavenger hunt.


Here’s the list of different types of website, along with one possible A-Z solution (this example is for you – don’t give it to the players!)

Beneath this list is a link for a printable worksheet – please feel free to print as many copies as you need when organizing this internet scavenger hunt.

Printable Internet Scavenger Hunt Worksheet


This is the team / player that manages to find 26 different sites that start with different letters of the alphabet.

If no one manages to do this, the winner would be whoever gets closest to having a list of 26 websites.