Car Scavenger Hunt For Kids

If you’re going on a long car journey or road trip with kids, here’s a free scavenger hunt list that will help keep them entertained.

It’s simple to play and doesn’t require any organizing, so here’s how to play it:


  • List of vehicles (see below)
  • Pens




Give each of your kids a copy of the list of cars and other vehicles. Explain that their task is to try to find as many of the different cars on the list as they can during the road trip.

Scoring Options

For trips with only one child in the car with you, this is a game they can try to complete by themselves by the end of the journey.

If you have two or more kids though, you can make it a little more competitive. There are a couple of ways it can be played with two+ players:

  1. First To Twenty – With this version, the first child to spot all 20 vehicles (or the most vehicles during the journey) is the winner
  2. Best Of – Write down the name / initials of the child who’s the first to find each item on the list. The winner’s therefore the person who finds the most cars, trucks, etc first


With both versions, there’s the potential for it to finish in a tie. To ensure that there’s a winner, also have them play a tiebreaker during the game.

While the kids are looking for the different cars, also have them look for a car that’s the same as the one you’re travelling in – same make, same model and same color.

If the regular car scavenger hunt finishes in a tie, the winner will be the one who was first to spot the similar car to yours.


Here’s a list of 20 different cars and other vehicles that the players have to find.

Beneath this is a free printable scavenger hunt list containing the same list – please feel free to print as many copies as you need. There are two copies of the list on each page to reduce the number of sheets you need to print.

  1. 2 door car
  2. 4 door car
  3. Minivan
  4. Hybrid vehicle
  5. Electric car
  6. Car trailer
  7. Semi-trailer truck
  8. Moving van
  9. SUV
  10. Truck
  11. Motorcycle
  12. Bus
  13. School bus
  14. Ambulance
  15. Fire truck
  16. Police car
  17. Convertible
  18. Van
  19. Car transporter truck
  20. RV

Printable Car Scavenger Hunt List For Kids


If you’d like to offer a prize to the winner of the game, here are a few suggestions of prizes you could give:

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt List

When you go on a road trip, it’s always good to have some games to keep your passengers entertained.

To help you out, here’s a fun road trip scavenger hunt list with 30 items for players to spot, including a free printable copy.

This game is a great scavenger hunt for kids, but could just as easily be used on a road trip with adults to add a competitive element to the journey.

It’s also a great way to help teens learn the different signs before getting their driver’s permit.

Here’s how to play it:


  • List (see below)
  • Pens
  • Print-off of road & traffic signs (optional)




Before you set off on the road trip, give the players a copy of the scavenger hunt list below. Their task is to try to find as many of the road and traffic signs as they can while you travel along.

If playing with young kids, consider giving them a print-off of the road signs on the list so that they know what they’re looking for.


There are a couple of ways this can then be scored:

  1. Gotta find them all: The winner will be the first person to spot all 30 of the road signs (or who finds the most by the end of the journey).
  2. Best of: Players have to call out when they see one of the signs – their initials are then noted on the list. The player who spots the most road signs by the time the road trip’s over is the winner.


Here’s a list of 30 different road and traffic signs to use for this activity. Beneath these is a link to a free printable copy of the scavenger hunt list – please feel free to print as many copies as you need when playing this game.

  1. Stop
  2. 70mph
  3. One way
  4. Median
  5. Left turn only
  6. Steep hill
  7. Railroad crossing ahead
  8. Slippery when wet
  9. Do not enter
  10. Slower traffic keep right
  11. Road works
  12. School
  13. Falling rocks
  14. Cross roads
  15. Merging traffic
  16. Deer crossing
  17. Traffic signal ahead
  18. Rest area
  19. Bridge height warning
  20. Hairpin curve
  21. Yield
  22. Roadway narrows
  23. Detour
  24. Exit
  25. 25mph
  26. Weigh station
  27. Winding road
  28. No U-turn
  29. Stop ahead
  30. Pedestrian crossing

Printable Road Trip Scavenger Hunt List


If you want to offer a prize to the winner, here are a few suggestions of what you could give: